Louisiana Values

Faith and Family

Born and raised in West Carroll Parish, Vance was taught at a young age the importance of faith, family, and hard work. Vance and his wife Kelly have been married for sixteen years. They live in Monroe with their five children and are members of North Monroe Baptist Church. As a father, Vance is worried about the type of future President Obama and career politicians are leaving for the next generation. That’s why Vance opposes President Obama’s policies of bigger government and more spending that lead to higher taxes and more debt for our children and grandchildren.

Hard Work

As a veteran and a father, Vance is concerned about our country’s future and he knows how government red tape and bureaucracy hurt small business and workers. In Congress, Vance will fight to turn the economy around by repealing ObamaCare, investigating the IRS, and stopping the march of big government into our lives.

On the Issues

As a veteran and a father, Vance is concerned about our country’s future. Vance knows government is too big, taxes are too high, and the leadership in Washington is failing us at every opportunity.

As our conservative voice, Vance will stand strong for the 2nd Amendment, the unborn, fight to repeal ObamaCare, and reduce the size of government. Vance will do what is right and stand up to the career politicians in both parties.